Friday, 9 August 2013

H&M Imitation Leather Bag

Meet my new bag! I originally wanted the ZARA mini shopper, but I was too late and now the black ones are all sold out :( I think this is a pretty good replacement though! I needed something a bit bigger than the tote I'm using for uni at the moment. After my laptop, notebook and drink are in, there's no room for anything else (aka there's no room for food, I like to snack during lectures). I never really shop in H&M. I don't like their website and the store stresses me out. I was in there with my mum a few days ago though and spotted this by the till, and instantly fell in love. The only downside to this bag is that the zip doesn't reach across the entire thing. It leaves two holes either end which means things can easily fall out. I still love the style though and for £20 it's a pretty good investment. 

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