Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Autumn Wishlist

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It's less than a month until my student loan comes in, so I thought what better time to plan another wishlist. I really need to buy some thin cardigans for autumn. I have pretty much an entire wardrobe full of chunky knits, but I need something a bit more lightweight for warmer days. I also really want to start wearing more shirts. I think they can be dressed up or down, and are perfect for when the weather starts to get a little colder. I've completely fallen in love with these stripe trousers. My patterned trousers/leggings obsession is still lingering, so I definitely need to add these to my collection. I've been wanting a t-shirt dress for ages, but all the ones with elastic round the waist seem to fit me weirdly. I love the colour of this dress and shape looks great.  


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