Sunday, 12 May 2013

Warm weather wish list

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Why do all the shops put amazing clothes up when I'm broke? How lovely is everything here though? I was looking through my wardrobe the other day and realised that I don't actually own a white top. I found this one on Topshop and thought I'd take the plunge while the weather is still (kind of) nice. I'm also jumping on the bandwagon and putting the ZARA mini shopper on my wishlist! I love denim clothing and think this top is so cute. I pretty much live in leggings when I'm at uni because they're so effortless, and I think these high waisted treggings just give a nicer edge. I'm pretty much spending my life travelling to London at the moment so I desperately need a ticket holder before I inevitably lose my Oyster Card, and why not expand my Cath Kidston collection! Lastly, these pyjamas, how cute! I always end up overheating in the night so I need shorts and vests, and the lace trim on these are lovely.

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