Tuesday, 23 April 2013

20 ways to save £1

I'm always telling myself that I need to go on a spending ban, but I can never bring myself to do it. My money screams to be spent, so I need to find saving tips. Money Supermarket are offering (UK and over 18) bloggers the chance to share their saving tips, and for each one, you will receive £1! The terms and conditions can be found here. I've shared my 20 best saving tips below.

1. Take lunches with you from home. Supermarket sandwiches are expensive.
2. Limit your hot water. I'm a student so I know how expensive gas bills can be. Make it come on for a few hours a day.
3. Again, being a student - use student discount!
4. Buy a flask. Hot drinks are stupidly expensive to buy out, just take your own.
5. Use websites like MusicMagpie to get rid of stuff you don't use anymore.
6. Use Ebay. You can always find old junk in your room that someone will want.
7. Remake old clothes. Cut up old tops that you don't like to make them suit your current style.
8. Go in charity shops. There's always hidden gems in there!
9. Cut open old makeup bottles to scrape out the last bits.
10. Use bags for life! I sound like my mum, but the 5p they charge you per carrier bag soon adds up.
11. Check Amazon before you buy something in store. They're often cheaper and have free delivery.
12. A uni reference, but ask your lecturer if they can sell you second hand text books. Mine did and it saved me about £40!
13. Add water to seemingly empty leave-in-conditioner. It gets all the product off the side.
14. Ride a bike or walk places instead of driving. The weather is finally getting nicer, you have no reason not to!
15. Check supermarket products for deals.
16. Store cards (I got my 5th free subway the other day, yum!)
17. Online surveys. Some pay quite well.
18. Turn plugs off at the main when you're not using it.
19. Trade clothes with your friends rather than buying new outfits.
20. Buy in bulk. Multipacks always work out cheaper in the long run.

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