Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm off to Reading!

Sorry I've been a bad blogger recently! I've been working loads and trying to sort everything out. As you can tell from the title of this post, I'm off to Reading Festival! I'll be gone from 23rd-27th, and sleeping/working when I get back so I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to post again.

I thought I'd made this post a little bit more interesting by showing what I'm taking! Don't worry, I haven't been silly and forgotten my tent, my friends have earlybird and have taken that down for me! I'm awful at packing so there's bound to be something that I've forgotten. I'm just impressed that I've actually packed before the day of leaving!

Topshop Top | New Look Top | Miss Selfridge Top | Zara Top | M&S Jumper | H&M Cardigan | Glamorous Shorts | Topshop Shorts

Travel Pills | Sellotape | Mirror | Shoe Covers (aha!) | Suncream | Sweets | Binbags | Sunglasses | Socks | Square Bars | Crisps

Cider | Dry Shampoo | Toothpaste | Cards | Vodka | Wellies

Sleeping Mat | Sleeping Bag | Poncho | Blanket | Pillow

Everything packed! Not really sure How I'm gonna get all of this to Reading however...

I'm very probably going to end up breaking my back/losing my arms trying to carry all of this to Cambridge and then to Reading but it'll be totally worth it! There are some other things I'm taking that I forgot to take a picture of but you get the overall idea, aha. I'll probably post about how it was at the end of next week or something, bye guys!



  1. Have a great time :) I love the clothing you are taking, especially the two motif tops :)


    1. Thanks! I pretty much live in those two haha, my favourite tops! xo