Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I remember the nights we spent under city lights.

I'm not sure if you guys know this, but music is a massive part of my life. It's got me through some rough times and pretty much made me enjoy the good times even more! Even though I'm nineteen I still fangirl over my favourite bands like I did when I was fourteen, and I don't even care! Incase you missed my last post, I spent this bank holiday weekend at Reading Festival and spent the entire time drinking cider and watching some of my favourite bands. Pretty much the best weekend ever. 

I left Thursday morning and got the bus to Cambridge. Me and Hayley then caught the coach to Reading, but because we were the last ones on we didn't get to sit together which sucked! We had to then do the massive trek to our tent which our friends took down on Wednesday. Pretty much had to stop for a break every five seconds cos our bags weighed so much. Finally made it to our tent, went to get food and then just chilled with our fire for the night. 

Friday was my best day due to the bands playing so I was so excited. I finally got to see Crystal Castles, a band I've been wanting to see for years now. I knew how mental the crowds were but oh god, it was insane! As soon as the song started, I lost my friend within about ten seconds. I got dragged into a circle pit and ended up at the complete different end of the stage to which I started. Alice Glass is insane live though, her voice is so surreal. You Me At Six is another band that I love but I've never got around to seeing live. They were just as awesome as I was expecting. I can't believe they played The Swarm, so happy to hear that live! Then of course, we have the main reason I got a ticket to the festival in the first place; Paramore. They have been my favourite band for years now and it was so good to see them again. That was my third time seeing them live and they were just as brilliant as I remember. It was so good hearing their new stuff live for the first time!

My highlight of Saturday was definitely seeing We Are The In Crowd. I haven't been into their stuff for long but I've fallen hard for it and they've quickly became one of my favourite bands. They played most of my favourite songs and I was so glad they played a mixture of their album and EP! During their set Tay Jardine told the audience to lift the people next to them up on their shoulders for the next song, so this guy shoved me in the air and it was such a great feeling haha. They played in the Festival Republic stage so it was quite a small venue, so being in the air dancing to WATIC, making eye contact with all of the members was something I'll remember forever.

We all decided that it would be really funny to get drunk for All Time Low on Sunday. It proved to be slightly disastrous when Hayley almost puked in the mosh pit but it was so hilarious hahaha. Pretty much just screamed the entire set (may have screamed gash way too many times, this weekend was just filled with banter) but whatever. Foo Fighters was a gig that I'll remember forever. Such a surreal experience seeing them live. I knew so many more songs than I thought I would and Dave's voice live is breath taking.

This weekend has been so great, not just with the music but with just generally having a great time hanging out with some friends, drinking and camping (minus mine and Hayley's leaking tent...) Hopefully I'll be going back next year!

Sorry about the massive text post, if you've read this far you deserve a medal! I have some awesome things lined up to review in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for reviews up soon.


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