Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mallzee; the new online shopping experience.

Have you ever wished that you could have a shopping mall filled only with the clothes that you love? How would you like to get rid of the stores that you hate and have only your favourite brands on display? Sounds like a dream right? Well, opening soon is a new website called Mallzee that has made this dream a reality.

Mallzee's main idea is to create an entirely new experience for online shopping. You can pick your favourites from over 200 brands and stores that Mallzee have signed up (Urban Outfitters, New Look etc), and add them to your own personalised Mall. The website then cleverly analyses your personal style based on your favourites and recommends you products in your Mall.

Whenever I'm online shopping, I always end up linking items to my friends to get their opinions. I'm sure most of you guys do too! Mallzee has incorporated this factor by allowing your friends to visit your Mall and even buy things from it! Friends can even star items that they think you will love. If you are stuck between two items of clothing you can create a poll and get your friends to vote on what they think.

If this hasn't convinced you to sign up, how would you like to know that you can even earn money through shopping on Mallzee? Every time someone buys something from your personal Mall, you earn a certain amount of cash! How awesome!

Mallzee opens to the public later on this year. You can currently sign up at and recieve a launch invite when the website becomes live. Mallzee are keen to get the word out about their website as it will increase the chances of more stores signing up, therefore more options being available to the public. They are currently holding an awesome competition, where if you tweet about the website you are entered into a competition to win £100 of shopping vouchers and other awesome prizes!

I'm really excited about Mallzee, I think it's such an awesome idea and will definitely help keep control of all of the different clothes that I'm lusting over. What do you guys think?


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