Sunday, 3 November 2013

have you got colour in your cheeks?

Jumper - Topshop / Dress - Topshop

I'm so excited to go to the hairdressers Tuesday, my roots are awful! Oh the bane of being a blonde. Anyway! I really love jumper and dress combos for Autumn. They give the perfect bit of warmth with the extra layer under the jumper, but I don't overheat by getting my legs out. There's nothing worse than wrapping up for the cold weather outside but then overheating on the bus to uni! These fluffy jumpers are everywhere at the moment. They're so soft and warm, I definitely need to invest in the longer length ones so I can wear them more often. I wore a coat over this in the end because it colder than I thought! In hind sight I probably should have worn jeans too, it was pretty windy and I think I flashed the majority of my town...

I really need to put something on this wall! I'm redecorating my room and going for white a minimalistic theme but I think this wall is too big to leave plain. Definitely time to raid Urban Outfitters home section! They have such beautiful wall art.

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