Monday, 1 July 2013

Lipcote - The Lipstick Sealer

Lipcote - £3.99

I normally start every blog post off with why I purchased something, but this was purely an impulse buy. I had some store credit built up so decided to treat myself. Lipstick and Mascara are my two makeup essentials, so anything that makes them last longer is a good investment.

The idea of Lipcote is that you apply a layer of the liquid after you've put on your lipstick, and within a few minutes you're lips are dry and Lipcote seals in the colour. I find red lipstick always goes patchy on my lips after a while, so I decided to give Lipcote a go over this. The packaging states that the product is fast drying, and it definitely is. Within a few minutes my lips were dry again, without feeling like I had extra product on. I noticed quite a difference with this, even after I had a few drinks my lipstick still looked fresh. I had to touch it up once during the night, but that's a massive difference compared to how many times I usually relayer. The only downside to this product is it's smell. It has quite a strong 'chemical' smell that actually made my eyes water to begin with! It's not bad on your lips and doesn't have a taste, but it still was slightly off-putting. 

On a completely unrelated note, it's my birthday week!!! I officially turn 20 on Friday and I'm terrified. I don't want to give up being a teenager! I'm going to London for a few days with my mum and celebrating with some friends too, so follow my instagram for constant updates @ejoliver. I'll do a post on my week soon, I really want to start doing more personal posts!

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