Wednesday, 17 July 2013

climbing out back the door, didn't leave a mark

American Apparel Blouse | Topshop Shorts | Delilah Dust Necklace 

Chronic bitch face alert! This is why I usually cut my face off my outfit posts, cringeeeee! Anyway, the American Apparel Tie-Up Blouses are right on point. I'm pretty much living in crop tops at the moment, and the tie strings on this hide a little bit more of your stomach, which is a massive plus for the self-concious people like me! I've been wearing this with my Topshop high waisted shorts. I've guiltily bought these in quite a few colours which means I can mix up the outfit a bit! These blouses come in so many different colours and patterns, the Oxford Street store was filled with them. I'm definitely going to buy a few more, the material is lovely and they're just perfect for this weather. Also, how cute is this necklace from Delilah Dust? I've been searching for a cute little half moon necklace for ages now and this one is exactly what I was looking for.

I've literally stayed in my house pretty much all week. It's way too hot to do anything but sit in the garden with an ice lolly! I got my uni timetable for 3rd year the other day and it looks like I'm only in 2 days a week! Yaaaaaaay. So excited to finish my degree, just one year to go!
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