Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

This is my first year on blogger for Halloween and I'm glad that everyone gets into the spirit! I absolutely love playing around with make up and dressing up so it comes as no surprise that Halloween is one of my favourite holidays! I've had so much fun looking at other bloggers costumes over the past few days, it's already given me some ideas for next year!

I went out yesterday, actually on Halloween. I just went to town with a group of friends. We didn't have matching costumers or anything though so we probably looked like the weirdest group of people ever! Anyway, this year I went as ........ an unzipped face!

I STILL don't have my camera so I only have phone and webcam quality pictures but I still think it looks pretty awesome! I was surprised with how simple this was to achieve actually. I just bought a zip, some liquid latex to use as the glue, red face paint and fake blood! I bought a cheap primark top to use too because I wanted to splatter the blood all over it but it'd look fine without one. I got so many compliments on it last night! So many groups of people stopped and said they liked it, so proud of myself!

I probably get too excited with halloween haha, turning up to my 9am lecture this morning still tinted pink was not one of my finest moments...



  1. amazing!!!
    I like your blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you want xx