Monday, 10 September 2012

The Kate Collection.

I've always loved bright red lipstick. I think it gives people such an amazing edge but also looks really feminine, but I've always been too scared to wear it myself. It's such a bright colour that the thought of wearing it with my pale skin and freckles terrifies me. To compromise, I keep trying out different shades of coral. I try to get the brightest shade that's close to red, and I finally think I've found the perfect one.

I was really excited to try out the new Kate Moss Rimmel collection. I've heard such great things about it in the blogging world and I was certainly not disappointed! It's such a lovely colour and stayed bright for hours. My only complaint about this product is that I did struggle to get the colour even on my lips, but they have been quite dry recently so that could be why. I managed to get it even after a few coats, but I've heard other bloggers saying they had the same problem and coverage got easier over time. Hopefully mine does the same, it's such a lovely colour!



  1. Wonderful post dear :)

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