Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Today's hair related purchases.

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour · Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance · Batiste Dry Shampoo

Firstly, sorry about the bad quality pictures! My camera has finally given up on me so I've had to use my other one, which is about to die as well! :(

I've been wanting to try out the new(ish) foam hair dyes for a while now. I hate sitting with dye on so as these take half of the time, I was drawn in. Foam seemed so much easier than normal dye as well, so I was eager to try this out. 

The set-up of this dye is pretty much the same as your standard one. You have two bottles, pour the mixture into one and shake. I was expecting it to create a bottle of foam, but it stays as a liquid. As you squirt it into your hand, it somehow transforms into a foam while going along the tube. I'm easily amused so I was amazed by this! You're meant to start by going along your roots and then work your way down. It normally takes me about fifteen minutes to make sure I've covered all of my hair, but with this I was done in just over five. The directions say that you're meant to be left with a head full of foam, however it pretty much was all absorbed into my hair. I was worried that I'd done it wrong, but by the time I had finished applying the foam I could already see my roots lightning so I just left it. 

The foam gave my hair great coverage and the really light blonde colour that I was going for. I was worried that because it's such a light mixture, it might leave my hair somewhat patchy, but that was not the case at all. I will definitely be using this dye again as it was super easy to apply and looked great.

After I've washed my hair, I always apply Moroccan Oil. I was recommended it by my hairdresser a few months ago and I've since become addicted. However, I'm always trying out new products to try and make my hair as healthy as possible, so today I decided to try out Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance. This is a leave-in-conditioner that you apply to towel dried hair. In the past, using other products along with Moroccan Oil has left my hair feeling greasy with too many products in, but this was lovely. It's different to most products as it is a light liquid that you spray into your hair. As most Aussie products, the smell accompanied with this was lovely. Once blow dried, my hair was left feeling really soft and shiny. Other products that I've tried have taken their toll and made my hair greasy over a few days of use, so we'll see what happens! I'm impressed so far. 

Unfortunately, I have naturally quite oily roots, so my hair needs to be washed quite often. I don't like doing this a lot as I fear removing the natural oils from my hair, so I live by dry shampoo. I've been using Batiste for a while after reading good reviews, but I decided to try out a different scent today. The Tropical did not smell how I was expecting it to, but I was pleasantly surprised. The only way I can really describe it as is 'fresh', which is pretty much what I aim for my hair to smell like! I normally stick with the same scent of dry shampoo, but this has convinced me that I need to try all the different one's I'm missing. 



  1. Lovely post! I'm intruiged by all of these products!


  2. I've just dyed my hair today too! I used Casting Creme Gloss which was quite good but the foam sounds really intriguing! Also I too love the Aussie leave in conditioner! It's been my go-to product for years! I've put your button on my blog by the way :) xxx

    1. Ooh I was tempted by that! I'd never used John Frieda before so I went with the foam. Ahh glad it works! I think I'll be sticking with it, it seems lovely! Thank youu! ox

  3. I love the Aussie products, I love the smell!


  4. I currently have a foam hairdye on my hair! I'd never tried them before so it was a bit strange at first, haha! Thankyou for your blog comment and adding my button, I've added yours to mine :) x

    1. Yeah it was my first time too! I was worried about coverage but I quite liked it actually! Thank you :) ox