Friday, 6 July 2012

MAC and more MAC, birthdays are sweet!

It was my birthday yesterday and as I had some birthday money on me, I decided to pop into the MAC store and get a new foundation. I'm currently using a MaxFactor one but it's more or less ran out, so perfect timing! Don't judge how pale both of these are please...

I've been looking for a good natural foundation for a while. I have unwanted red tones in my face that I like to tone down with foundation. However, in the past when I've built up foundation, I end up with a matte finish which I think is too much for day-to-day. This foundation fits perfectly to what I want. The first layer already toned down the red in my face and the second got rid of it completely. With only wearing two layers, I was still left with the natural look that I like.

A few weeks ago I accidentally bought the wrong shade of Collection 2000 powder, and as I didn't have enough to buy another one, I've been going powderless for a while. I've found that not wearing powder does make my foundation fade quicker, boo! To add to the natural look, I decided to try the Skinfinish power range. It blended well over the foundation and made my skin tones look more even. This only bad thing I would say about this powder is that it does make you rather shimmery. Some people like that look, but I personally could go without it. However, I needed a new powder and it had way more pro's than con's so I decided to buy it anyway.  Yay!


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