Saturday, 7 July 2012

Art supplies giveaway!

During my first year at university, I was given a free box of art supplies from a company called The Art Collective. Unfortunately, the only artistic thing I ever do is drawing, so most of it is irrelevant. The stuff I got seemed way too nice to throw away, and it's just taking up room so I thought I'd give it away. 

The box includes:
1. Winsor & Newton Oil Colours. There are two sample sizes, a yellow and a purple. There is a big description on their website about the colours here. I've found them online priced between £5 and £10, and they're supposed to be good quality!

2. Liquitex Acrylic Colour. There are two sample sizes, a magenta kind of colour, and a greeny grey. There is a description on their website about the colours here. I've found these online for about £5 each.
3. Conté Esquisse Sketching Carrés. I had absolutely no idea what these were, but according to amazon, they're really good sketching crayons! The amazon page is here. There are two in this box.

From looking around, these seem to be quite good art supplies so it only seems right that they go to someone that will actually use them! This is my first giveaway so sorry if I've done anything wrong, and please let me know if I have. You have to be following my blog but all of the other options should be optional. UK entries only please, I can't afford the international shipping, sorry! Good luck!

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  1. Just entered, I love painting canvases with my nana so fingers crossed! I love art! xo