Thursday, 14 November 2013

White hair solutions

White or silver hair is an absolute nightmare to keep up, so I'm pretty much willing to try anything to keep away those brassy tones. I currently use Fudge shampoo (review here) every other time I was my hair, alternating with a normal blonde shampoo, but I wanted something else to give a bit more of a kick. I didn't want to use anything too intense or I'd end up with purple tinted hair, so I opted for the Bleach London conditioner. I've heard great things about their dyes and I can see why. The packaging of the brand is lovely, definitely having a grungy feel. Firstly, this conditioner smells absolutely amazing, and left my hair with traces of the scent for a few days. It obviously isn't as strong as purple shampoos, being a lilac colour rather than deep purple, so it's great for a less intense treatment. I do think this has helped get rid of some of my brassy tones though. I'll probably repurchase this, it's pretty inexpensive and seems to be doing the job! It leaves my hair pretty soft as well which is surprising for toning products. They do this in a deep purple shampoo too, but I think I'll be sticking to the miracle that is Fudge!


  1. your hair looks lovely!

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