Friday, 14 June 2013

So...? Body Fragrances

So...? Body Fragrances - Both £1.99 *

So...? were a brand that I used religiously when I was younger, but I kind of strayed from them a bit over the years. I always used to wear the So...? body fragrances  so I was really excited to try stuff from their newer range, Rock n Roll. 

I'm pretty sure every teenage girl in the world has used the So...? Kiss Me body spray. It gives quite a nice sweet but subtle smell, perfect for every day wear. The So...? Enticing spray smells uh-mazing. Seriously, I was sat spraying and smelling for ten minutes straight. It has a lovely floral scent that goes perfectly with summer. I usually find that matching perfumes and body sprays can be overpowering when used together, but the So...? Enticing perfume (review here) actually worked really well with the body spray. The scents are ever-so-slightly different from one another, and they complemented each other really well. Both of the body sprays also lasted all day long. I applied it in the morning, touched up half way through the day (out of habit), and at the end of the day you could still clearly smell it. This is definitely going to be my go-to spray from now on, especially in the summer, I love it!

So...? Body Fragrances are on offer for £1 in Superdrug until the end of June, so make sure you take advantage while you can!


  1. After I saw this post I went straight out to buy it! Chic and Sleek is my favorite by far, who knew something could smell so good?! Love your blog, and it would mean a lot if you'd take a look at mine
    Chloe xx

    1. It smells so good right?! I love it. Thanks! :) xo