Sunday, 7 April 2013

James Brown Photo Fabulous Wave Spray

I pretty much have the worst natural hair ever. It used to be really curly but after years of using bleach and heat it's pretty much just a frizzy wavy mess. I'm trying to cut down on how much I use heat on my hair, so I was looking for something that would make my natural hair a little more ... socially acceptable. 

I've tried quite a few different wave sprays, but they all dried my hair out. I'd read quite a few good reviews on this product so decided to give it a go. The bottle tells you to apply it to towel dried hair and then blow dry. I tried doing it this way and through letting my hair dry naturally. They both gave pretty much the same effect, however drying naturally made it slightly more frizzy. My hair definitely had more volume, and the waves that my hair already has became much more noticeable and tamed. I wouldn't say that it gave me that lovely beach hair look, but it was definitely an improvement. I'd probably buy this again, it's the best wave spray I've come across so far.


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