Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Joules Sensational Skin Care Kit

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I'm a sucker for anything with an amazing scent, so I was really excited to try out this skin care set from Joules. The kit includes a body butter, body scrub and body souffle! 

I have a slight addiction to body scrubs. I have way too many and still seem to end up buying more. They're the perfect solution to any skin texture problems and leave your body smelling fabulous. This product was no exception! I used it on areas around my legs where my skin most bothers me, and as soon as I rinsed it off I could already feel a massive difference. The product has a unique smell but it's lovely. I skipped moisturising after the shower to see if I could still smell the product on my skin the next morning. It wasn't a strong smell but I could still notice it, so that added with how soft my skin was, I was definitely impressed! 

I was so excited to try a body souffle, I've heard of them before but actually never tired one! You know those lovely scented soaps you can get? This smelt exactly like that, such a good smell. I smoothed this onto my skin and rinsed off in the shower. My skin instantly felt silky smooth. My skin didn't feel as soft in the morning, but I could still notice the difference. 

My collection of body butters grow more or less weekly, I love trying out new ones! I normally go for body butters with a fruity scent, however this product has more of a lovely 'clean' scent. I couldn't smell this on myself in the morning, but my skin did feel amazingly smooth which I guess is the reason behind body butter anyway. You don't beat smooth legs!

How cute is this packaging? All of Joules' products are so colourful and unique, I love it! There's currently a 3-for-2 promotion on the Joules bath and body section of their website so I'd definitely recommend buying something if you're stuck for christmas present ideas.  



  1. I love Joules, this looks so pretty amd such a cut Christmas present idea too :)


    1. Such a great brand! I love their packaging so much! :) xo

  2. I Love joules but have never tried their beauty products, i may just have to pop in and buy this now hun :-)

    Missy x

    1. This was my first time trying them too. I recommend it! :) xo

  3. They look so cute!