Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas spirit.

 (Pretty much the most festive nightwear ever. It's acceptable to clash when it's christmas)

Every year a few days before christmas, me and mum always go down to London. We finish our last bits of christmas shopping and at the end of the day go for mulled wine! We went to winter wonderland for the first time this year. If you're not feeling chritmassy yet, definitely visit it. Christmas songs everywhere, people dressed up, mulled wine at every corner!! Ahh it was amazing. I was lucky enough to have £200 worth of Topshop vouchers this year, totally in heaven. I desperately needed new clothes so this came at such a great time. I have a few outfit posts lined up for the next couple of weeks, I'm determined to be a good blogger over the christmas period! Anyway, just a quick post to share some of the pictures I took and hopefully get a few of you even more in the festive spirit. Three days!!