Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hold me, feel my heart beat.

Chunky Cardigan - Topshop
Vest - Zara
Disco Pants - Glamorous

Sorry about the first pictures iPhone quality! I didn't plan on making a post about this outfit so I never bothered taking actual pictures, but I decided this top was too cute not to share! Isn't it lovely? I popped into Zara the other week after I finished work to try and find some boots and ended up finding this. I've been lusting after the patterned Zara shirts for a while but every time I've tried one on it's ended up looking really funny on me :( I pretty much live in vests though so when I saw this I automatically knew that I was going to love it! The chain detail on the arm really gives it a lovely finish. Plus, I really love foxes!



  1. Cute outfit, I love your disco pants!

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  2. Great and a beautiful dress. I love its simplicity and clean lines but a short length and defined waist are not a great look for me.Then white see through dress make me look thinner and taller.""