Friday, 3 August 2012

Saving my money is not going well...

All of my blog posts seem to start the same way recently, me apologising for the quality of my pictures! So keeping up with the theme (I will get a new camera soon!), sorry for these pictures! I've never done an outfit post before so I found it hard to get the right lighting and stuff! I enjoyed doing this though so hopefully I'll get better!

Anyway, after work on Thursday I met up with one of my friends and I accidentally broke my spending ban. Ah well, at least I'll be a well dressed poor person! ;)

Zara Jumper - £19.99
Topshop Skirt -£16.00

I pretty much live in jumpers in autumn. It's too hot for a coat and I sometimes get bored of wearing hoodies, so jumpers are the best alternative.

I've had to buy all new jumpers this year, I've apparently had a growth spurt and no longer fit in my ones from last year! I think the colour of this jumper is lovely and suits my new lighter hair! It's quite thin so will be great for day's where it's still kind of warm.

Okay, so I know I already own that skull cut out top that everyone has but I felt like I had to own this one too. I prefer the style of this one so hopefully I'll get more wear out of it.

You can't really tell because of the awful picture quality, but the vest is actually more of a charcoal colour. Another excuse for me to buy it, I don't own a charcoal vest! I feel less guilty about my purchases if I can justify it... Instead of literally just a cut out skull, this top actually has patterned stitching. Makes it so much easier for tucking into high waisted things and is much simpler to style!

I realised the other day that I don't actually own any skirts, whaaaaaat?! I feel that every girl should own at least one, even if they don't wear it! I pretty much live in shorts and leggings, so I decided I needed to find a simple skirt that I can either dress up or down.

 I really love all the 'skater' style stuff that Topshop has in at the moment, but unfortunately I'm too tall for the regular section and they don't have much in the tall area! This skater style skirt is lovely though and covers my bum completely, yay! This picture really doesn't do it much justice. It's more purple that what it looks like here, and a lot more flattering!

In sad news, I've had to leave behind my beloved Google Chrome and download Firefox instead :( Lloyds banking website randomly stopped working on Chrome and I need it to transfer money and stuff :( Do any of you guys use Firefox? Make me feel better about it please?! :( 



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  2. Lovely post! I have that grey skater skirt from Topshop and I live in it, so versatile and it goes with so much :)
    Thank you for following, you have a lovely blog! x

    1. I originally wanted the grey one but they didn't have my size, but I saw this colour and fell in love!
      No worries, you too! xo

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  4. love the skirt! :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  5. love the jumper! am loving all things zara at the mo! xxx